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We provide content mirrors for open-source projects, mostly operating systems that the students use. This way we can help out the projects by donating bandwidth and disk space for their files, while ensuring everyone with a better experience using those projects by making the content available nearby.

This service is provided by GLUA - Grupo de Linux da Universidade de Aveiro and sponsored by DETI - Departamento de Electrónica, Telecomunicações e Informática and sTIC - Serviços de Tecnologias de informação e Comunicação on a Gigabit link accessible through IPv4. We are happy to mirror additional software archives upon request, subject to space constraints on our mirror server. If you have any request or issue please let us know.

Who is GLUA?

We are students who promote the usage of FOSS and some of our actions include organizing events, workshops and providing support. Although most of our members are computer-related engineering students we welcome anyone who wants to join us and to help in any way.


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News Archive

2017-04-21 Added Antergos
2017-04-10 Added Ubuntu Releases
2017-03-26 Service relaunch with beta-testing providing mirrors of Archlinux, CentOS and Ubuntu mirrors.